Meet your farmer - The Tiezens

Len & Hilda Tiezen

The Tiezens Farm - Hepburn, Saskatchewan

In 1919, Grandma and Grandpa Tieszen moved to a farm west of Hepburn, Saskatchewan from Wolf Point, Montana. They began their life in Hepburn as a small mixed-farming operation. Len is a second-generation farmer on the Tieszen farm and has been working alongside his dad and older brothers Marvin and Ken ever since he was a young boy. This experience seeded his passion in working with the land.

Hilda was raised on a mixed farm between Hague and Rosthern, Saskatchewan where her love of agriculture was cultivated.

Hepburn is a small farming community approximately 45 kilometres north of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Hepburn can be relatively dry, making moisture conservation an important aspect of farming here. The short growing season rainfall can be from 3-4 inches one year to as much as 10 inches the next year—with occasional late frost in May or early frost in August.
Raising canola in Hepburn is all about timing, irrigation, and constant care.

Seedbed Condition

Seedbed Condition Dry, seeded deep to hit moisture

Planting Date

May 20, 2018

Season Highlights

May was dry, which made getting on the fields to seed easier than normal. June was fairly wet, aiding in germination and early growth. In July and August, we got the perfect amount of moisture (about 2 inches a month) helping to limit disease and finish the crop.

Harvest Date