About us

Our Rootes

North Prairie Family Farms was built on returning to the basis. Wanting to return to a styling  farming that was practiced before genetic modification seeds existed a small group of farmers got together deciding to makes that changes. 

Founded by a small group of 12 farms(link to 12 founding farmers) they sought to break away from selling there harvests to those large agro-businesses. They wanted to offer consumers the best their canola fields had to offer: a non-GMO product carefully cold pressing under high European standards. They wanted to show canola oils at its finest: packed with flavours and healths benefits in an all-natural product without the use of chemicals.

Our passion for cultivation a product that’s better in every way guides our growing practices. Today, our company has grown by over 100 farm families that share these same basis values of returning to the basis

North Prairie Golden is the result of these super crops now growing and we are proud to share grow passions with you.