Meet your farmers

Will & Kelly

The Kushniruk Farm - Tisdale, Saskatchewan

We are the Kushniruk family that settled in the heart of Canadian canola country in 1939. Tisdale, SK is home to their fourth-generation family farm. We moved back to the family farm in 2005, when we decided to leave city life behind. The fertile land and perfect weather for canola production has led their area to be known as the “Land of Canola & Honey”.

At North Prairie Family Farms we produce a high quality finished product which is a safe and nutritious non-GMO canola oil, for all our consumers, with ambitious plans to do much more.

We are all individual farmers working as a dedicated group to connect honestly and as directly as possible to the consumers who we consider to be our neighbors and friends. We are happy to let you know we provide safe and healthy food, as we let consumers know exactly where our oil comes from, how it is produced and how it is processed.

We are raising the scale from a single farm serving consumers, to a small group of farmers serving a large population of consumers. 


Len & Hilda Tieszen

The Tieszens Farm - Hepburn, Saskatchewan

In 1919, Grandma and Grandpa Tieszen moved to a farm west of Hepburn, Saskatchewan from Wolf Point, Montana. They began their life in Hepburn as a small mixed-farming operation. Len is a second-generation farmer on the Tieszen farm and has been working alongside his dad and older brothers Marvin and Ken ever since he was a young boy. This experience seeded his passion in working with the land.

Hilda was raised on a mixed farm between Hague and Rosthern, Saskatchewan where her love of agriculture was cultivated.

Hepburn is a small farming community approximately 45 kilometres north of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Hepburn can be relatively dry, making moisture conservation an important aspect of farming here. During the short growing season, rainfall can be from 3-4 inches one year to as much as 10 inches the next year—with occasional late frost in May or early frost in August.
Growing canola in Hepburn is all about timing, irrigation, and constant care.