Our Guaranteed Non-GMO process

Our Process:

Every bottle of North Prairie Gold non-GMO canola oil is processed from the very best Canadian non-GMO canola seed grown in Saskatchewan.   Together our group of passionate local farmers all use a production management system and are higher educated in the importance of field selection, equipment and storages of cleanings.  They are all aware that preventing contamination of seeds throughout the entire processes is our top priority so we grade samples to be certain it meets our high standards and is GMO free.

We are testing very seriously and don’t leave anything to chances. We choose only the best non-GMO canola seed from more than 10 samples to ensure  consumer gets the highest-grade non-gmo canola oil from us every single time. And we don’t stop there, North Prairie Gold is accredited by the NON-GMO Project and conducts periodic DNA testing at a specialized labs.

We’re also a Kosher certified by the Kashruth Council of Canada. Any canola that doesn’t meet our stringent standards at any point throughout the process is rejected, and truthfully, it happens quite a lot. But the final product is worth the effort. Delicious, healthy, pure non-GMO canola oil made from literally the best non-GMO canola seed in the world.

Together, we are gold.