Cold pressed

What does ‘cold pressed’ mean?

Cold pressed, sometimes known as first pressed, is an extraction method that brings the best of nature to your plate.

Today, most cooking oils (including most canola oils) are chemically extracted, removing many of the naturally healthy ingredients and flavors from the product. The high heat involved in the chemical extraction process tends to destroy flavors and “cooks out” otherwise healthy nutrients.

North Prairie Gold is different. Our European cold pressed method is a premium temperature-controlled process, which allows our oils to naturally break away from the seed without the use of heat, chemicals, or solvents. We guarantee a European cold press standard. Since there is no standard in North America for what constitutes Cold Pressed, we adhere to the strict standards of never having our canola exceed 50°C/122°F in our process.

This process retains all that is good in our canola, allowing the flavor of North Prairie Gold to shine naturally on its own or as a part of your favorite dishes.