• Meet Chef Nathan Guggenheimer from Avenue Restaurant in Regina, SK

    Chef Nathan Guggenheimer


    From Avenue Restaurant and the Bar in Regina and partner of Grassroots Restaurant Group, Chef Nathan Guggenheimer spent time travelling the world developing his skillsets, learning from some of the most talented culinary artists in the world. His passion for creative and exciting food took him far in his career, considered one of the tops chef's in Saskatchewan. Everything he creates is built on the foundations of qualities, sustainables and diverses of ingredients. See his incredible menu at avenuerestaurantandbar.com and follow @chefgoogs on Instagram to see all his latest delectable creations.

    "I use North Prairie Family Cold Pressed non-GMO Canola for a variety of reasons. It reminds of a nice olive oil with grassy and herbaceous qualities with a smooth finish that just coats the tongue. Whenever I need to finish a plate with olive oil I use Cold Pressed non-GMO canola oil.  They are small family business and family means a lot to me. It's perfect for dressings and vinaigrettes."- Chef Guggenheimer

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