• Trout with Herb Puree and Porridge

    Trout with Herb Puree and Porridge


    2 C       picked babe spinach

    ¼ c       picked fresh dills

    ¼ C       picked fresh tarragon

    ½ C       picked fresh basil

    ¼ C       picked fresh parsley

    One large potted of boiling water

    One mixing bowl set over another mixing bowl filled with an ice bath

    One blender

    Drop all the herbs into the pot of boiling water and cook until they just separate when you pinch them in between your fingers, approximately 1.5 minutes.  Strain out the herbs through a fine sieve and place directly into a blender or Vitamix.   Blend on high until everything is smooth.  There should be no grits from the herb particles remaining.  Just smooth puree.  Spoon the herb puree into the bowl that’s over top the ice bath and stir constantly until the puree is chilled.  It should be a vibrant green.  Place in a container and set aside for later.


    BEURRE ROUGE (red wine butter sauce)

    500ml   cabernet sauvignon or pinot noir wine

    1 C       sugar

    1/2 C    diced cold buttr

    Put wine and sugar into a pot and reduce over medium heat.  Stir occasionally making sure nothing is sticking on the bottom. Reduce 75% so the final product should equal to 125ml.  Pull off the heat and slowly whisk in the cold butter one cube at a time. Set sauce aside on your stove and leave at room temperature.


    1x         onion (diced)

    4x         garlic cloves (minced)

    ¼ C       Quinoa

    ½ C       Einkorn

    ½ C       Barley

    ¼ C       Buckwheat

    2tblsp   Sunflower seed

    2tblp   Pine nuts

    1C        Diced potato

    2L         chicken stock

    2tblsp   Marscapone

    ½ C       Parmesan

    10ml.    lemon juice

    4tblsp   Butter

    200ml   white wine

    2tblsp   herb purees

    Put your chicken stock into a pot and bring to a simmer.  In a large pot sweat down 2 tblsp butter, onion and garlic until translucent.  Add the grains, and seeds and stir.  Continue to sauté the grains for 2-3 minutes before adding in the wine and reducing to au sec.  Begin to ladle in your stock 150 ml at a time and stir not allowing anything to stick on the bottom.  After five minutes of cooking add the potato, sunflower seed, and pinnut.  Continue cooking and stirring and adding stock until stock is gone or everything is tender approximately 20 minutes.  Pull the pot off and add the rest of the butter, parmesan, marsapone, lemon juice, and herb puree.  Stir everything together and season with salt and pepper to taste.


    5oz piece          Diefenbaker trout skin on

    Canola oil


    Put a medium sized pan on high heat.  Add just enough canola oil to glaze the bottom of the pan.  You should be able to see a slight whisp of smoke come from the oil then turn the heat to mdium high.  Season your piece of trout with salt on all sides.  Place the trout skin side down into the slightly smoking pan. Do not panic or shake the pan frantically.  It will sizzle and spatter and curl up a bit.  Turn the heat to medium and let it cook for about two minutes.  The fish should have released itself from the pan by now so using a thin spatula start to lift the edges releasing the skin from the pan.  The skin should be golden all over and crisp to the touch. Turn the pan off and flip the fish to the other side and let sit for 30 seconds just sealing the flesh. Take the fish out of the pan and place on a flat tray lined with paper towel.   


    Diefenbaker trout

    Local grain porridge

    Beurre rouge

    Cold Pressed Canola Oil

    Sunflower sprouts

    Large round dinner plate

    On one half of large round dinner plate spoon out the green grain porridge.  Spoon 3 good tablespoons of beurre rouge on the other side creating almost a ying yang affect.  Place the seared trout right down the middle of the plate where the sauce and the grains meat.  Drizzle the Cold Pressed Canola around the plate and top with 4 pieces of sunflower sprouts.